My art takes me to a place of complete trust in myself.  Beadwork is my own personal way of healing and meditation.  I believe that art can heal by bringing beauty into our lives and it is my mission to share that with the world.
I was born in Colombia and grew up in Canada and the United States. While in Canada, the First Nations people shared their traditional beading techniques with me. Since then, I have been painting with beads by embroidering thousands of tiny beads into fabric to create 2D artwork, sculpture and jewelry.  

My tools are very simple: I use a needle, thread, fabric and beads.  Everything is done by hand without the help of machines or glue. My process is very slow and it can take anywhere from 60-200 hours of work for one single piece.  I enjoy this process as it helps me to work out problems, escape into my daydreams and/or be fully present. I enjoy pushing this very ancient art form into new places.