Lys makes every piece in her home studio in Austin, TX.

Made with intention.

Made with love.

Daily Routine of Beadwork Artist, Lys Santamaria

Daily Routine of Beadwork Artist, Lys Santamaria

Daily Routine of Beadwork Artist, Lys Santamaria:

When I started my business in 2017, the very first thing that I did was to learn how to create a great daily routine for myself. I knew this would give me with the balance that I needed to jump into this new career. If you are in a similar situation or just want to make a positive change, I highly recommend setting a lovely routine for yourself.

* I’d like to note that I don’t do all of these things every day but when I do them all, it’s usually an amazing day!

Starting the day – at night:

My daily routine as a beadwork artist actually starts at night. Getting plenty of rest is essential so I like to put on a diffuser (lavender essential oil is my favorite) and hop into bed an hour before I plan on going to sleep. I like to read a little bit and then turn on a guided meditation – Tara Brach or the Deepak & Oprah series are usually my favorites. I try not to use my phone before bed but I’m definitely guilty of this…more than I’d like to admit!

The morning routine:

Once I wake up in the morning, I make a mental list of all the things I’m grateful for. Usually, that includes very simple things - another day of life, my dog Chiclé and my super soft bed. I make my bed – this is a must! I avoid my phone as much as possible until after I’ve made my breakfast.

Breakfast is usually some oatmeal, yogurt, frozen fruits, chia seeds, and honey. I’ll usually have some coffee or tea and then head into the studio. Recently, I’ve started the using the Morning Pages as a brain dump before I start working. It helps to clear my mind of all the negativity and worry before I start to work.

My work day:

Working from home is a delight but it can also be very distracting – there is always something to clean, an adorable dog that wants attention or a doorbell ringing. I invested in some noise canceling headphones and I save the cleaning for the evening. Once I finish a task, I rest for a few minutes and pet my dog, my little boo boo bear, as I often call him.

I love to use my Passion Planner to block time out for specific activities. Logging my time is helpful because when the day is done I can look back and see how productive I have been. If I don’t, the day ends in a blur and I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing – even if that’s not true.

For focus, I use the Pomodoro method and hide my phone in a box by my workspace. Freedom from my phone and all its notifications has been such a game changer!

Wrapping up my day:

Before I end my workday, I write down my goals for the next day and cross of all of the things I’ve accomplished for that day. I tidy my desk and try to make the space welcoming for the next day. I like to close my notebooks and laptop, as I’m often tempted to continue working. Disconnecting from my work is essential.

My daily routine works so well for me and has been great for establishing discipline and good habits. The key is knowing yourself – your rhythm, your needs, your wants. Do you have a daily routine? What is it? Please share!

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